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I LOVE THIS STUFF. Personal branding is the process of making oneself stand out by using corporate marketing tactics to stand out. In its modern form, personal branding was popularized in 1997 when Tom Peters wrote "The Brand Called You". The benefit of personal branding is you can distinguish yourself for whatever reason you want--job and career moves, community leadership, product or service promotion, or simple self-promotion.

For me, personal branding is strongest when people have a true sense of identity and value, meaning they know who they are and how they influence others. The trick is knowing how to articulate one's personal brand. The resources below can serve as a foundation for developing a winning personal brand.


  • This process can take a few days as the assessments average about 20 minutes. Please bookmark this page and come back!

  • The links below are for free versions of the assessments which provide preliminary results. Some provide more comprehensive results with fees.

  • These are not meant to provide a definitive answer but rather a foundation for self-analysis. The results may either confirm or motivate you to adjust your identity and value.

  • This process is not meant to be career counseling, mental health treatment, or life coaching. Please contact a licensed professional if you feel the need to explore your results more deeply. 


Print the results or take notes, analyze them, and ENJOY YOUR PERSONAL BRANDING JOURNEY!


WHO are you? Identity and value begin with an exploration of the self. The assessments below can serve as a starting point by giving you an idea of your personality type. 

BIG FIVE PERSONALITY TEST | Psychological theorists believe that there are five basic personality types. Find out where you most likely align. This is a great tool to help you figure out what kind of leader you are, as well. 

VIA CHARACTER SURVEY | Practical tool to help you understand your character strengths (sign-up required).


What do you do or what are you meant to do? Personal branding is strongest when we know that we are doing the work we are meant to do.

CAREER MOTIVATION TEST | Carve a fulfilling, productive career path by understanding what motivates you to do what you do.

CAREER CHANGE READINESS TEST | So, you think a career change might be in order. Let's find out.

ENTREPRENEUR READINESS TEST | Maybe you should be your own boss! Determine how ready you are for that move.

CAREER PERSONALITY AND APTITUDE TEST | Perfect for recent high school graduates. Find out how who you are can guide where you are headed professionally. 50 MINUTES.

TRANSFERABLE SKILLS CHECKLIST | Not a test but an extremely helpful list of skills that can transfer from one job to another even if you are switching careers. Apply these words and terms to your resume!


EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE TEST | A major part of personal branding is managing your emotions while reacting to others. Determining your EI (or EQ) can be instrumental in advancing in your career and/or as a leader.

LEADERSHIP SKILLS TEST | How do you influence others to satisfy a vision or fulfill a mission? Use the results of this assessment to figure out the best way to get the most out of your team for organizational success.

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