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10 Best Higher-Ed Marketing Podcasts for 2024

Hannon Hill Blog, featured podcast

I Wanna Work There!: 2023 Year in Review

Enrollify Blog

10 Takeaways for All MarComm Professionals From AMA 2023

Inside Higher Ed Call to Action Blog

How to Be a Campus Where People ACTUALLY Want to Work

"Higher Ed Demand Gen," interview 

A stopgap for AMA FOMO

Inside Higher Ed blog and podcast mentions 

Truth in Advertising: Authenticity in Marketing (the importance of employer branding in higher ed)

"The Higher Ed Marketer," interview

Countdown to AMA Higher Ed with Eddie Francis

American Marketing Association Blog

Passion & Purpose: The Heart of Employer Branding in Higher Education

Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO

Employer Branding Key to Addressing Higher Ed's Talent Crisis

Inside Higher Ed Call to Action Blog

Five Ways Higher Ed CMOs Are Institutional Leaders

American Marketing Association blog

Introducing 'I Wanna Work There!' with Eddie Francis - A New Enrollify Podcast

"The Enrollify Podcast," interview

We All Have to Sing the Same Song - An Interview with Eddie Francis

"Marketing Tales with Chris Rapozo," interview

Got College? Can a National Marketing Campaign Change the Souring Conversation About College?

The Chronicle of Higher Education, quoted

How HBCU Marketing Has Changed and How It Hasn't

"Higher Voltage," interview

Communicate Constantly: Lessons From HBCU Comms

"Thought Feeder," interview


What is the Gumbo Theory of improving your fraternity or sorority chapter chemistry?

The Fraternity Foodie Podcast

New Orleans needs a Black philanthropy second line


Why I Researched Narcissistic Leadership and What Should Concern You

Identity and Value

Impostor Syndrome, Innovation’s Barrier


Eddie Francis on the Higher Ed Demand Gen Podcast - 3-2
Eddie Francis being interviewed on a radio show

Book me as your subject matter expert for:

  • Higher education marketing and communications

  • HBCU marketing and communications

  • Employer branding (talent recruitment and retention)

  • Followership in leadership

  • Narcissistic leadership


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