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Your resume is the first impression that employers get of you. It should accurately reflect the career opportunities that are right for you. My design process creates a resume that accurately reflects your personal brand in addition to your skills and experience. My customized process includes:

  • A personal brand consultation,

  • My "Resume Rule of Thirds" approach, and

  • Customized formatting.



One of the most effective ways to express a personal brand and leadership is through public speaking. My customized training is designed to help you utilize techniques that will help you get your message across in a clear, compelling way. Trainings can be conducted in person (local clients only) or virtually. Among the techniques we cover are:

  • Vocal dynamics,

  • Personalized body movement, and

  • Articulation.



Voice, tone and language are everything. On top of that, writing is time-consuming! Often, regarded by colleagues as my strongest skill, let me put my years of editorial and marketing writing to work for your marketing collateral, website, or anything else that you need to show people the value of what you offer.

Resume designer and public speaking trainer Eddie Francis
“Eddie Francis is the real deal! I know him on many a writer, as a public speaking coach, and as a public relations guru! He is always willing to pour himself into others, especially young people."

Kimberly Dilosa

Managing Partner, FION Productions, LLC

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